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    Look how fucking amazing my girlfriend looked at Pride today.
    My girlfriend just got OWNED

    They say in a collision
    that there are three
    areas of impact:

    First, the vehicle
    with the object,
    followed by your
    body with the
    vehicle, and,
    your internal organs
    with your body.

    And every time
    I heard this,
    I always thought
    that I was too
    smart for that,
    that I knew better
    than that,
    that I would always
    be careful,
    that I would always
    look out for

    But now,
    it makes sense,
    how a heart
    can smash
    so quickly,

    when we went
    from 100
    to 0 just



    Just Like That by k.p.k

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    im gonna be posting more poetry tonight im excited!!!!!

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