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    Worked the full day and I still feel good about how I look
Scissors In Your Pocket by k.p.k
    at work today, a lil girl looked at me and then grabbed her mom and whispered in an excited lil voice &#8220;MOM LOOK IT&#8217;S ELSA&#8221;. it was a magical moment for everyone involved
    "Stop asking people how they’re doing. You can find out the truth quicker simply by asking them who they’re thinking about."

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    The first time that I saw you,
    I never thought that it would be
    the last time that I saw you -
    because it wasn’t.

    Because every time I looked at you,
    my eyes stuttered over your body,
    like a tongue trying to find a grasp
    on a word, like a flickering light
    trying to shine bright again.

    The last time that I saw you,
    I didn’t know that it was going
    to be the last time that I saw you-
    because it wasn’t.

    Because every time I looked at you
    was branded white-hot on the backs
    of my eyelids, like the cursive
    writing engraved on the bracelet
    I bought you for your birthday
    that you never wore, like the
    careful red print typed into my
    thigh that I can’t write over
    no matter how hard
    I try.



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    July 27, 2014. Exactly one year ago today I met the light of my life. I have never felt more secure, more happy, more loved, more appreciated, or more willing to step outside of my comfort zone to appreciate life through sharing small joys like kissing in public without being afraid. From the night we met at the Pride dance at midnight, to going to the beach for her twentieth birthday, to traveling to Toronto for World Pride, to falling in love so sincerely and purely, I wouldn&#8217;t change a single thing. I am so grateful you had the courage to speak to me that night (thank god for all the alcohol you had in your system). I love you.
    "The easiest way to tell if someone loves you is noticing if they stare at your lips when you speak."

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    My wonderful aunt lost her battle with cancer last night. I am extremely heartbroken, yet relieved to know she is no longer suffering as badly as she was. To everybody who cares for anybody, tell them you love them as often as you can. A little goes a long way. תנוח בשלום דודה שלי.

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    My baby.